Tội Ác Vatican Đối Với Trẻ Thơ

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Tội Ác Vatican Đối Với Trẻ Thơ


Tội ác của vatican giáo hội công giáo là đã bao che , bưng bít , che đậy , thuyên chuyển những hành động khốn nạn của những tên linh mục , giám mục ấu dâm , hãm hiếp , cưỡng dâm các cháu bé trai và các cháu bé gái trong đó có những cháu bé chỉ mới 5 tuổi .

Chỉ riêng tại Hoa Kỳ đã có đến 5532 tên linh mục , giám mục hiếp dâm các trẻ thơ , trong đó có một tên linh mục mà cảnh sát mỹ cho rằng hắn đã cưỡng hiếp khoảng 300 trẻ em tàn tật (những trẻ bị câm điếc).

This page contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has
gathered about Clergy Abuse.

Diocese of Phoenix’s list of those accused of sexual abuse
Child abuse cases cost diocese €8.4m
Lawsuit: NY man abused by priest who helped found Minn. institute to deal with abusive clergy
Fugitive Sonoma ex-priest reported dead in Mexico
Catholic Priest Removed Amid Abuse Accusations
Belgium child sex victims sue Holy See
Rabbi gets probation in NJ corruption case
Riverina abuse claim sparks priests court action
Kentucky man accusing former Syracuse diocese priest of sexual abuse
Italian pastor jailed in sex abuse case, cardinal tells parishioners
Lawsuit filed against former Delco priest
Ex-Bloomingdale pastor pleads guilty
Police investigate alleged sexual call by priest
Columbia pastor charged with stealing $253,000 from church
70 Belgian sex abuse victims to sue Vatican
Montana victims recall Jesuit priests’ abuse
Abuse Allegations Against Local Priest Surface
Ottawa priest found guilty of indecent assault
VC pastor sentenced for real estate scam
Five charged in Philadelphia Archdiocese child sex-abuse case
Prosecutors defend rabbi’s child-molestation conviction despite charging making false accusations
Reports of abuse at camp grow
Former Garnerville pastor Kreiser accused of $25G theft from parish
Abuse cases against Santa Rosa diocese withdrawn
‘Perv’ priest sues victim
New York Rabbi confesses to money laundering
Pastor and seven church members accused of spanking tots as young as two months old as punishment for ‘crying or being grumpy’
Four current and former Catholic priests ordered to trial on sex abuse charges
Hudson priest resigns over $10,800 church theft
Bridgeport diocese settles lawsuit with Powel family
Ex-priest finishes jail term for abuse
Wisconsin man, brother face abuse charges for spankings
Complaint alleges sex abuse by Lacey priest on leave
Lawsuit Filed Accusing 2 Priests Of Molestation
Philadelphia Archdiocese places 21 priests on leave
Delaware man sues Philadelphia Archdiocese, alleging abuse by priest
Abusive Priests Live Unmonitored
Mum…your husband is a paedophile priest: Joan Clayton spent 13 years with ‘kind, gentle’ Bill Carney until her son confronted her with some damning evidence
Accused priest is confined to Weston facility
Italy priest convicted of abuse in key case
Retired priest resigns after child-abuse claims come to light
Armstrong sentenced to probation, $99,247 restitution
Utah Zen master admits affair, leaves center
Court rejects sex abuse suit against priest
Priest charged in sex abuse stayed in parish for 2 years
N.J. priest Terence O. McAlinden’s sexual abuses still being investigated by Trenton Diocese
Priest from Yakima suspended in California
Philadelphia Archdiocese puts pastor charged in abuse case on leave
Clergy abuse in Delaware: Oblates settle with two victims
Metro Catholic Priest Charged with Sexual Abuse
Geneva pastor sentenced to prison for theft from church
Retired Catholic priest named in sex-abuse suit
Los Angeles Archdiocese to Dismiss Priest Over Admission of Molesting Girl
Two priests with Delco connections among those indicted for abuse in Philly
Mercure guilty in clergy sex abuse case
Priests, teacher charged with rape
Renton minister and teacher charged with rape, molestation
Ontario diocese pays $1.5 million in January to settle sex abuse cases
Pastor who fleeced flock is going to prison
Venice priest at heart of sexual abuse inquiry
Delaware diocese settles priest abuse claims for $77M
Alleged clergy abuse case goes to trial in W.Mass.
Catholic Priest gets bail in rape charge
Priest ‘Concerned’ About $450,000 in Back Pay From Milwaukee Archdiocese
Vatican asked Irish bishops not to report clerical abuse to the police
Muslim worship leader ‘raped boy at mosque’
Clergy abuse in Delaware: Maryland parish victim settles
Spain’s Hindu guru charged with sexual abuse
Sexual-Abuse Lawsuits Drive Milwaukee Archdiocese Into Bankruptcy Court
Father Mel Thompson cleared of sexual allegations
Priest and Nobel Peace Prize candidate, 85, admits child abuse 40 years ago
Dutch bishops shredded sex abuse evidence
NY priest removed from clergy after being found guilty of abusing former student
Archdiocese took 17 years to report abuse priest to gardaí
Stockton Diocese pays pair $2M
Former priest Oliver O’Grady arrested for child porn
Indiana church financier gets 54 years in scheme
Behind image of the singing priest…beast who raped little boys
Newark archbishop shielded at least 4 priests accused of sexual abuse
NY rabbi, sons accused of sexually abusing girls
Munich Church hid abuse allegations for decades
$30 Million Is Awarded Over Abuse by Priest
Police: Priest solicited murder of boy accusing him of sex abuse
Priest accused in Edina brothers’ sexual assault
Pastor accused of Ponzi scheme
Russian archbishop sacks clergy accused of alleged child abuse in convent
Clergy abuse in Delaware: DeLuca ‘charmer,’ victim says
Two women sue Yakima Diocese over reported sexual abuse
N.B. diocese to compensate 35 people for abuse
The Rev. Paul J. Radetski, a Menasha priest, suspended in wake of child abuse allegation
Court ruling makes it easier to sue clergy in Quebec
California victim of clergy abuse arrested in violent priest beating 35 years later
Ontario priest charged with child molestation
Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Sioux City Diocese, Clergy Member
Unsealed Calif. church docs show abuse allegations
Priest extradited from U.S. jailed for UK sex abuse

Bishop Eddie Long Church Followers Petition to Get Him Off the Pulpit!

Las Vegas Pastor Charged with Molesting Boys
Study: More than half of parishes had priest accused of abuse
Sex abuse victim sues St. Catharines diocese
Lawsuit: Rabbi sexually abuses student; affair hushed by college
Court: Make records public in friars’ sex cases
Weymouth priest cleared of sexual abuse allegation

Men allege sexual coercion by prominent Atlanta pastor

Former Kilgore pastor indicted in Ohio sex abuse case
Two more allege abuse at St. Bernard’s in 1980s; four have now sued Santa Rosa Diocese over alleged conduct of former priest
Brothers say Ontario priest abused them
Plymouth pupils used Facebook to accuse ‘abuse’ priest
Belgian report: 100s come forward on church abuse
Ex-bishop in Belgian abuse scandal goes to hiding
Belgian Catholic Church probe finds 475 abuse cases
Ex-priest tells judge he thought Texas officials had dropped charges alleging sex crimes against children
Religious group kicked off Ave Maria campus for ‘immoral conduct’
Cleared once, Catholic priest faces new sex abuse allegations
Alleged abuser sues over website
Former altar boy describes aftermath of alleged abuse by Eureka priest
Belgian Church Leader Urged Victim to Be Silent
Evil priest shielded by Catholic Church
Second man sues Santa Rosa diocese: Suit seeks damages for alleged child molestation by former Eureka priest
900 abuse cases in Dutch clergy
Alleged sex abuser priest, who led Milton center, leaves priesthood
Lansing Diocese believes priest abused boys in 1950s, 1960s
Santa Rosa diocese sued by alleged sex abuse victim who says church hid priest’s abusive past
Archdiocese Says 2 Priests Out
Problem priest moved from Ireland to Bay Area
Plaintiffs give up sex abuse case against Vatican
Basilians say money was to help alleged victim heal
Clergy abuse in Delaware: ‘Horrific’ rape allegations surface in diocese case
Bangor priest charged over child abuse
Abuse by priests, nuns alleged at S.D. orphanage
Former Knoxville priest who confessed to molestation gets probation
Montreal pastor pursued by parishioners
Congregants sue pastor for alleged theft of over $1 million
Suit to accuse Minn. Christian retreat leader of sex abuse
Justices uphold ex-Jesuit priest’s assault conviction
Sex-abuse case against rabbi raises larger issues
Pope defrocks ex-Warren priest
Triad priest accused of child abuse in the 1970s
Tip-off led to fugitive abuse priest in UK
Suspended La Crosse priest ejected from waterpark in ’09
Priest turns self in on charge of abuse
Connecticut Priest Accused of Paying for Male Prostitutes with Church Money
Self-Described ‘Scumbag Pedophile’ Priest Goes to Jail
Priest removed in Italy after confessing to child abuse
Priest gets nearly 7 years in prison on child porn charges
Italy corruption scandal spreads to touch Vatican
Who’s Who in the Sex-Abuse Scandal?
Former Greeley priest accused of sexual misconduct in 1970s
LA cardinal’s deposition in abuse case released
Quincy priest on leave after abuse allegations
Ex-priest’s work with youths halted
Man files clergy sex abuse lawsuit in Los Angeles
Indianapolis pastor at center of controversial rape case
Irish priest resigns over sexual abuse
Future pope refused defrocking of convicted priest
Report Outlines Abuse Claims at German Jesuit Schools
Bishop: 100 cases in 10 yrs for Italy priest abuse
Polish priest seeks release in Brazil abuse case
Former Baptist camp director charged with abuse found dead
Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys
Pastor charged with swindling more than $470K from church members
Abuse victim gets $199,000
Priest removed from parish after abuse allegation
Catholic Diocese of El Paso faces more allegations of sex abuse
Priest abuse case involving ex-SLU president takes a new turn
Diocese responds to sexual abuse lawsuit involving St. Francis Xavier priest
Brazil: Priest charged with 8 abusing boys
Vatican official left abusive priest in pastor job
Priest in Mexico suspended over S.F. charges
Priest at his child abuse trial in Rome: ‘I am not a monster’
Archdiocese details priest’s sexual abuse
Chilean priest allegedly abused 5 young men
Priest faces additional sexual abuse allegations
U.S. women continues fight against priest who was transferred to Mexico
Cardinal praised bishop’s silence over abuse priest
Couple accuses priest of stalking their teen son
Group Warns About Defrocked Priest in Fairfax
Former Arizona Priest Pleads Guilty to Assault on Teen Boy
Priests accused of abuse shuffled around globe
Local Catholic priest suspended amid sex abuse claim
Centennial priest faces sexual misconduct complaint
Cleric accused of sexual abuse
Former East Bay priest now at center of Vatican clergy abuse controversy
Studies find patterns of Catholic clergy sex abuse
Canadian Church tried to keep abuse secret: letter
Inside The Priest Files: Documents reveal 50 years of abuse, cover-ups in Memphis diocese
Sex abuse suit is filed in Texas diocese supervised by L.A.’s incoming archbishop
Church Secrets: Abusive Memphis priest reassigned rather than reined in
Africa also suffers sex abuse by priests: bishop
Church: Norway bishop left in ’09 over abuse accusations
Analysis: Abuse crisis in Europe much like US 2002
Molesting charges against priest surface
U.S. courts allow sex abuse cases against Vatican to proceed in rare legal move
Verona deaf school ex-pupils tell Italian TV of sex abuse by priests
Monk charged with inappropriate touching of temple-goer Comments
Priest investigated for suspected abuse
Vienna Boys’ Choir hit by abuse accusations
Priest charged with sexual abuse faints in court as new allegations arise
Swiss priest resigns after confessing sexual abuse
Swiss media: 60 people report abuses by priests
Vatican lashes out at Pope’s critics, denies ‘policy of cover-up’ existed
Cardinal Brady is sued by victim of serial abuse priest
Pope’s diocese ‘rehoused abuser’
Priest accused of molestation wants to leave state for treatment
Boys ranch accusers paid
Austria: Clergy sex abusers fired
Corpus Christi Diocese Hit With Priest-Abuse Suit
Pastor accused of swindling Bonita church
Vatican Faces Widening Sex Abuse Scandals
How paedophile priest was allowed to evade justice
Disgrace charge brought against bishop
S.J. priest defrocked over abuse of teenager
Jesuit priest who abused boys casts shadow in the Northwest long after his death
Child sex abuse allegations uncovered in Church of England files
Missouri man to return home with suspended sentence
Sex assault suspect could change plea
Child abuse monster Father Brendan Smyth ruined my life
German Church Faces Child Abuse Charges
Cumberland pastor indicted on child abuse charges
Priest indicted on molestation charges
Vt. Roman Catholic diocese to sell headquarters, kids’ camp to pay priest sex abuse judgments
New Owensboro bishop played role in re-assigning priests accused of sexual abuse
Lawrence Pastor Charged With Stealing From Church
Archdiocese admits tie to 3 in Irish scandal
Accused child molester wins first battle against extradition to U.S.
Jailed priest back in Sandwich
Suicide groom’s anguish
Former Catholic priest’s bid for new trial rejected
Toledoan’s suit against Robinson dismissed
Church liability at issue in abuse suit
Laurel priest suspended over sex charges
Details emerge after priest removed
Delaware courts: Judge lifts stay on sexual abuse suits
New Spokane Priest Abuse Trial To Start Soon
Group names Irish priests accused of child sexual abuse
Second Irish bishop resigns over sex abuse scandal
Accused sex offender arrested in courthouse
Irish bishop resigns after sex abuse scandal
Abusive priest’s ties to NH raise concerns
Fake holy man and maybe real child molester ignores judge’s orders
7 Tarrant women accuse priest of sexual abuse
Alleged Victims Got $20,000 Payments Not To Sue Diocese For Abuse
Woman files suit against priest and church
2 clergymen who hid abuse still working
Abuse charge against worship leader rocks prominent Fla. church
Orthodox moves to end silence on sex abuse
Police investigate two Northern Ireland Catholic priests over child abuse
Archbishops at centre of cover-up
Dublin diocese report – at a glance
Child abuse victims of Irish clergy to be paid £145million
Settlement reached in Diocese sexual abuse case
Priest sentenced to 10 years probation for sex offense
Monsignor Bevan is permanently removed from ministry
Pedophile Priest Working Near Kids
NY pastor gets probation for grand larceny
Study: No clergy abuse, gayness tie
Former Auburn priest accused of abuse
Police arrest sixth member of family accused of child sex abuse
What is the Community of Christ?
Police: Sixth person arrested in Missouri child sex abuse case
Priest accused of sex abuse of minor, yanked from ministry Comments
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Indictment against Chen: Shook, beat, fed children feces

Catholic priest faces sentencing for sexual abuse
Child sex case arrest leaves Leland church without leader
Ex-pastor pleads to assault, gets no jail time time in jail
4 Amish bishops charged with not reporting abuse
Diocese hit with 21 new claims
Catholic church hit with another abuse claim
Former South Side pastor accused of abuse ousted from priesthood
Clergy sex abuse: Ex-priest Daniel McCormack seeks to seal records in commitment battle
Wicked vicar gets 14 years for raping young boys
Preacher denies week of rape for woman’s disobedience
Web Site Seeks to Expose Clergy Sex Abuse in COGIC
Dioceses settle case of abuse by BR bishop
Washington Archdiocese Reaches Settlement in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit
Illinois Supreme Court won’t let Catholic priest sue accusers
“Fake” Catholic Deacon Accused of Molestation
Nova Scotia man files suit against Roman Catholic Church alleging sexual abuse
Judge: Orthodox Protect Abusers, Not Victims
Court won’t block release of abuse docs
Six decades later, 2 men accuse nuns of sex abuse
Ousted seminary teacher suspended
Priest accused of sexual abuse
Court rejects sex abuse suit against priest
A monsignor testifies he wrote a memo urging the cardinal to tell police about molestation by a priest. Perhaps, a paper trail exists
Ventura pastor allegedly preyed on old man
SoCal pastor sued for fraud, cheating parishioners
Court OKs sex abuse lawsuit against Methodist church in Missouri
Brian Joseph Spillane in court over sexual assault charges
Watertown priest is placed on leave after abuse allegation
Rabbi allegedly told boy to lie
Former priest Wilfred Edwin Dennis taught sex act to boy
Former pastor, sons charged with Ponzi scheme
Pastor Sued for Seducing Sisters in Counseling
Priest’s abuse case sent to Vatican, local group wants prosecution
Youth minister found guilty of molestation
Church Abuse Settlement Largest In Missouri History
Catholic Church won’t bail out Robert MacGregor Fuller
Priest arrested over internet grooming
Nova Scotia Catholic diocese reaches proposed settlement in clergy abuse suit
IRS Is Investigating Finances, Pastor of Sterling Church Says
Virginia pastor sentenced for stealing more than $200K
Chicago Archdiocese settles abuse cases for $3.9 million
Syrian Sephardic Communities Shaken by Charges Against a Leading Rabbi
Number of clerical abuse victims could be 10 times higher than report shows
Deposition Probes Pervasive Abuse By Local Priests
Sex offender ex-priest may be released soon
St. Louis archdiocese sued over clergy abuse
Former Indiana pastor, sons plead not guilty to fraud
Shock at lama Sogyal Rinpoche’s past
Fleeced Followers? Ex-Pastor Charged with Fraud After Living High Life
Notorious priest is dead
Second suit alleges past sexual abuse at Dunrovin
400 cases of sexual abuse by Dutch clergy
O’Connor’s Nephew Claims
Popular US-based evangelist arrested for carnal abuse
Priest is silent on claims of of abuse
Clergy abuse victim launches $2M lawsuit against priest
Priest jailed for molesting altar boy
Former Mooney, Boardman priest removed over abuse allegation
Jesuits settle abuse claim against late Sacramento priest
Monterey diocese settles abuse case for $1.2 million
Sex-abuse priest took secrets to grave
Schools abuse report rocks Ireland
Ex-principal gets 3-6 years for theft
Desmond Laurence Gannon gave boy ‘anatomy lesson’
Plaintiff in Seattle church abuse trial settles
Sex abuse lawsuit names Catholic brother who once taught at Cretin High
Civil suit charts history of church abuse in county
Sharon Tell: Diocese of Allentown ignored claims of sexual abuse by Rev. James McHale
Former Fall River pedophile priest ‘removed’ by pope
Accused priest Kevin Francis Phillips pleads not guilty
Former LI priest accused of molesting boys dies
Former Southern Baptist pastor pleads guilty to sexual abuse
Ex-Grand Prairie priest pleads guilty to child porn charge
City pastor charged with having man killed for life insurance
Priest removed following sexual misconduct claim
Ex-priest alleges abuse by elder priest
Historic African-American church focus of sex-abuse scandal
Ruling in sex-abuse lawsuit involves former auxiliary bishop from KC’s Catholic diocese
Three new lawsuits claim sexual abuse by Belleville Diocese priests
Former priest in Fort Worth Diocese gets 50 years in second sex-abuse trial
Catholic Diocese named in lawsuit
New Hampshire Names 27 Clerics in Abuse Cases
Suit alleges Catholic schools withheld evidence of abuse
Ex-priest who raped altar boy wants to live in NH
Second man files sex-abuse suit against friar
Irish bishop in child sex abuse row steps aside
Diocese to fight sex abuse claim
Priest accused of abuse from 40 years ago
Ex-priest guilty of abuse seeks freedom
Court tells St. Paul lawyer: Vatican can be sued for clergy abuse
Preacher accused of paddling parishioners, faces judge
Plymouth priest accused of sexual abuse
Ex-nun’s confessions set to rock Kerala Church
Sex abuse suits drive Jesuits to file bankruptcy
Priest files in sex abuse lawsuits to be released
Molest suit reinstated against Oakland diocese
Costa Mesa police investigate allegations in former student’s lawsuit against Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange
Catholic Church found liable for abuse of N.L. altar boys
9 Minnesota clergy abuse cases being settled for $1.7 million
Diocese, Sacred Heart asking for information about former principal
Episcopal Church upholds ouster of Pennsylvania bishop
Suspended priest returns
Ex-Charlotte priest pleads guilty to abuse
Former Priest Sentenced for Molesting 9-Year-Old
Corona renames street that honored accused priest
Ex-pastor gets prison for sex with ‘wife,’ age 10
Former youth worker pleads guilty to molestation charge
Florida Catholic priests ‘stole millions from collection plate’
Massachusetts priest in abuse case returns to ministry
Cincinnati archdiocese says clergy abuse cost $11 million
Victim recounts clergy abuse in Southington
Settlement reached in sex abuse case involving Brick Twp. pastor
43 more allege sex abuse by Catholics
Chicago archdiocese pays $2.6 million for abuse cases
Diocese of Cloyne failed to alert HSE to allegation of child sex abuse Bishop ‘acknowledged his error’
Claimants continue to come forward
HSE exempted Dublin archdiocese from full disclosure of abuse
Plainfield pastor accused of molesting six girls rejects plea deal
Archdiocese closes case, reinstates priest
Bishops refuse to reveal all allegations of child abuse
14 claim abuse by priests, monks, nuns
Abuse victim gets $1.2 mil
Vatican to be sued over sex abuse claims
Convicted sex abuser released from clergy
Former Priest, Registered Sex Offender Back In Court
Ex-priest pleads guilty to abuse
Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield pays $4.5 million to 59 clergy abuse victims
First AME pastor apologizes to congregation for alleged misspending
Defrocked priest Shanley loses bid for new trial
Child sex abuse claims divide Orthodox community
Priest denies sex assaults in two cases
Illinois Presbyterian Minister Settles Sex Abuse Case for $150,000
Church trial finds pastor guilty of sex abuse
Church commission says minister had sex with minor
Former priest settles lawsuit
150 priests faced sex probe
Former Sioux City Bishop Accused
Dobbed-in priest jailed for indecency
Catholic priest jailed for child sex offences
Davenport Diocese: 4 clergy added to abuse list
Swiss magistrate alleges priest abused boys
Archdiocese will seek out other victims of priest
Priest faces rape charges
Attorneys: $4M settlement in Colo. clergy abuse lawsuit
Gozo priest implicated in third sex abuse case in Miami
Plainfield pastor accused of abuse getting ‘lots of community support,’ attorney says in court
Priest who molested teen returns
Catholic diocese settles sex abuse cases
Death of accused puts new twist in AME sex abuse case
Montreal pastor who took child bride convicted of sexual assault
New York Baptist group says to defrock pastor facing child-porn charge
Episcopal court rules to defrock Pennsylvania bishop
Priest sex-assault victim asks highest court to hear her case
Rabbinic Molesters Issue Moving Agudah
Church settles sex abuse suit against priest
Man alleges abuse by Chippewa Falls priest
Man wants priest defrocked, claiming sex abuse in Little Egg Harbor Township
Another clergy sex abuse suit filed
Newark Archdiocese confirms suspension of priest accused of child abuse
Lawsuit alleges abuse at Greek Orthodox Church
Priest accused of abuse has died
Old boy calls school a pedophile paradise
Wisconsin Supreme Court refuses to hear Green Bay clergy sex abuse suit
Priest removed from clergy for abuse allegations
Hung jury in clergy sex abuse case leads to mistrial
Jury awards $5 million
Another priest sex abuse lawsuit filed in Denver
Tentative settlement reached in KC priest abuse cases
Priest Sentenced For Sexual Abuse
Australian priest charged with sexual assault
Accused Fort Worth Priest With HIV Dies
Episcopalians speak for and against Pennsylvania bishop
Chicago Archdiocese Agrees To Settle 16 Clergy Abuse Suits
Prominent Black NY Monsignor Accused of Sexual Abuse
Judge denies motion to dismiss Las Cruces clergy sex-abuse case
Sex abuse lawsuit by former altar boy may go forward if diocese engaged in coverup, judge rules
Pedophile Aussie priest to be deported
Pastor held for locking up ‘child sorcerers’
Former Catholic high school principal suspended following abuse allegations
Former vicar jailed over sex abuse
Guilty of sex abuse
New lawsuit claims abuse by ex-priest
Former pastor gets 20 years for committing sex crimes
Vicar in child abuse probe
In Sex-Abuse Case, Court Issues Watershed Ruling on Rabbinical Duty
Priest again accused of sexual abuse
Church sex-abuse settlement gives victims answers
Woman Claims Abuse By Former Priest
Archdiocese to pay $5.5 million to erase ‘stain’
Clergy-abuse prosecution limits clarified
Episcopal Church convicts Pa. bishop of cover-up
Savannah diocese ignored warnings about priest
Report: Baptist Web Site Hasn’t Purged Alleged Predators
Fort Worth pastor arrested on child sex charge
Lawsuit filed over abuse allegations
2 lawsuits accuse former Kansas City area clergymen of abuse
Pastor, accuser settle out of court
Lawsuit against diocese, priest seeks millions in damages
Former Riverside pastor pleads to sex crimes against female parishoners
Diocese settles sex abuse suit
Local Woman Says Christian Temple Was A Cult
Diocese to appeal $8.7 million clergy abuse verdict
Salesian order settles LA clergy sex abuse suit for $19.5M
Four years for child sex abuse priest
Holy Family head faced abuse claims
$37M clergy-abuse settlement approved in Iowa
Hindu leader charged with groping underage girls
Pastor guilty
Pope’s Meeting with Abused Disturbs Some Victims
Hub abuse victims: ‘There’s real hope this time’
Abuse victims settle with archdiocese
Abuse was common in religious orders
Report: At least 64 East Bay clergy accused of abuse since 1950
Priests served despite abuse complaints
Sins, secrets and denial
Diocese Dealing With New Sex Abuse Suit
Pastor gets 4 years for sex assault on woman
Buddhist sect, woman reach settlement over priest’s ‘purification’ sex assault
Appeals court dismisses sex abuse suit, Rev. Clement Frank, the Rev. Louis Charvet, Mount Angel Abbey priests
Ex-priest charged with child sex abuse in landmark case
Accused priest is reinstated
Doctor: Priest is in denial
Molestation suit names priest
Police: Priest abused kids
Kitsap Co. pastor pleads guilty to child rape
Brisbane sex abuse priest may be defrocked
Priest porn charges: Archbishop accepts resignation
More sex abuse allegations against Spokane Diocese boys’ ranch
Davenport bishop wants abusive priest defrocked
Baptist teacher accused of bizarre abuse at defunct London, Ontario school
Swiss confront scandals
Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Wheeling-Charleston Diocese
Priest Accused Of Abuse Moved From Parish To Parish
Activists want Norbertine priest to face sex abuse charges
Second Victim Accuses Church Deacon Of Sexual Abuse
Bishop Paulk pleads guilty, is fined $1,000
Archdiocese ousts priest accused of sex abuse
Jury convicts ex-pastor for luring investors to illegal hedge fund
Two Rivers leaders threaten to oust suers
Mixed verdict in pastor’s sex assault trial
Pastor guilty of sexual assault
Victims tell of Brooklyn priest sex abuse
Iowa diocese reaches $37M settlement with sexual abuse victims
Jesuits Settle Indian Sex Abuse Suit
Clergy abuse group to sue Green Bay diocese
Bishop of Tenerife blames child abuse on the children
Diocese faces new abuse suit
Pastor forced sex on women, jury told
37-Month Sentence for Priest Who Defrauded Parish
Baker pleads guilty
Iowa Diocese Reaches $37M Sex Abuse Pact
Protest at West Warwick church targets alleged clergy-abuse
Two priests lose their clergy status
Ex-priest’s plea may end jail time
Clergy abuse suit back on Vt. docket
Israel May Extradite Sex Abuse Suspect
$50 million for Alaskan abuse plaintiffs
Popular ex-priest hid dark side
Liberatore trod a well-traveled path to abuse
Former Quincy priest named in sexual abuse complaint
Trinity Reacts To Dr. Bob Gray’s Passing
Pastor accused of child rape ruled with an iron hand
Scranton Diocese to Pay $3 Million in Sex Abuse Case
Jesuit order severing ties to McGuire
Church’s Members Rally Amid Sex Scandal
Priest Faces New Charges of Molesting Boys
Former pastor sentenced to five years for molesting boy
Two More Victims Come Forward as SK Pastor Appears on Sex Charges
Pastor accused of raping girls turns self in
US wants extradition of prominent Ger hassid accused of sodomy
Oregon church pastor accused of sex attacks on 8 women
Catholic priest for trial on 23 sex charges
Archdiocese paid millions in sexual abuse claims
Pastor Pleads Guilty In Sex Case
Sexual abuse: Pastor arrested
Suit charges sex abuse by priest
Founder of Scandal-Mired Monastery Dies
Pittsburgh diocese creates $1.25 million fund to settle clergy abuse claims
Priest jailed for raping boys
Colorado Clergy Abuse Suit to Proceed
Southern Baptist state convention offers anti-sex-abuse measures
California diocese to pay US $5 million in priest sex abuse settlement
Woman files suit against church in sex-abuse cover-up
Priest Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Parish
Diocese settles abuse claims for $198M
Hearing to begin in clergy sex abuse trial
Pastor sent to prison
Teacher on sex charges
Rabbi, synagogue sued over seduction scandal
Dominicans to Pay Man $1.2 Million in Lawsuit
Sex abuse sends ex-Bible study leader to jail
20 N.J. Men Allege Sexual Abuse By Lutheran Pastor
Abuse vicar is sacked by Church
Prosecutors: Man of God was man of greed
Three of Swaminarayan sect sentenced for sexual harassment
Abuse victim sues 2 churches
Church members sue pastor
Italian priest investigated for sexual abuse
Lawsuit claims sexual abuse at Guilford church
Naugatuck priest arrested on sex assault charges
Bristol pastor, Christian radio station employee charged with indecent exposure
Clergy abuse: beneath bond of friendship was darkest secret
Former Catholic priest in L.A. held on child molestation charges
Area man tells of abuse
Sex claims spread to Marist
Swedish Catholic Church apologizes publicly for sexual abuse
Lawsuit involving Foley priest settled
Former Altar Boys To Receive Compensation In Clergy Abuse Case
Judge OKs $660M Clergy Abuse Settlement
Locals react to Calif. clergy abuse payout
Court rules plaintiffs can sue Archdiocese in clergy abuse cases
Ex-priest posts bond, leaves jail
Priest abuse case settled
Ex-pastor who abused boy, churches sued
Priest removed over previous sex admission
New sex-abuse trial set for ex-priest
Priest gets 5 years for sex abuse
Evangelist facing sex charges
Priest faces child sex charges
Ex-Roncalli brother listed among worst child abusers
More than 260 sex abuse cases reported annually to insurance companies by Protestant churches
Euclid priest is suspended over sex claim
Former Lodi priest guilty of abuse
Church convicts priest of abuse
Priest to serve at least 14 years for sexual abuse
14 alleged clergy abuse victims announce $6.65 million in settlements
Appeal denied in clergy abuse case
Jesuits agree to sex case payout
Experts: Allegations often untold in black churches
145 priests ‘suspected of abuse’
Lawsuit alleges Omaha archdiocese covered up clergy abuse
Archdiocese bars four men from priestly duty following sexual abuse allegations
Clergy abuse victims, parishes approve Spokane diocese payment plan to emerge from bankruptcy
Monk details sex, drugs, weeping icon at Texas monastery
Priest found guilty in 2nd sexual assault
Riverside pastor faces first-degree felony charge of raping child
Church offers aid to accused molester
Archdiocese of Dubuque settles 9 sex abuse cases
Ex-priest guilty of sex assault
Mahony accounts of abuse case tape differ
Czech bishop keeps his post despite sexual scandal
San Diego diocese files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over clergy abuse lawsuits
Former Columbia pastor pleads guilty to abuse of 15-year-old congregant
Pastor Who Secretly Sold Church Will Go Free
Documents Show Church Knew About Abuse
Serbian priest sentenced to jail for sexual abuse of boys
A priest has been charged with sexual abuse
Watchdog group files complaint against Minnesota church
Judge rules that priest files must be released
Former Phillips priest named in federal lawsuit
Sexual abuse allegation against priest
Another sexual abuse lawsuit against Pueblo Catholic Diocese
Ex-Sisters pastor convicted on abuse charges
Priest arrested in Las Vegas church attack
Alleged clergy abuse victims refile lawsuits
Our Lady of Las Vegas: Accused priest suspended
Names of accused priests released
Priest accused of abuse defrocked
Three Sikh priests held on sexual abuse charges in Canada Gurdawara
Diocese Of Charleston Reaches Sexual Abuse Suit Settlement
Priest Resigns, Can’t Account For $500,000 Of Church Funds
Pastor charged with sexual battery not looking for plea agreement
21 months in prison for Catholic priest Pichette
Priest removed after admitting sexual abuse
Archdiocese settles 15 Catholic clergy abuse cases for almost $1.6 million
Forty years later, former altar boys settle lawsuit against Diocese
Raleigh diocese paid $1.2 million to settle abuse claims in 2006
$48 Million Settlement Reached In Church Sex Suits
Vietnam Vet Sues Diocese for Alleged Abuse by Priest
Grand jury indicts Joliet priest in sex abuse case
Sexual abuse allegations lead to suspension of prominent Southern Baptist pastor
Archdiocese clears priest in sexual abuse probe, reinstates him
Washington archdiocese settles with victims of clergy abuse
Orthodox church’s insurer settles abuse claim
Slain intern’s family files suit against diocese
Catholic Church in Oregon settles abuse claims
Brooklyn Rabbi Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges
Victims of 2 Former Corpus Christi Priests to Be Compensated
Priest who stole $2M from parish goes free after six months in jail
Indictment against nun in abuse case from 1960s
Police look into abuse claims against priest
4 decades after abuse, former nun faces past
Some major settlements in Catholic clergy abuse cases
Ghaziabad Swami charged with rape
Los Angeles Archdiocese Settles 45 Priest Sex Abuse Cases for $60 Million
Priest accused of sexual abuse
Pastor pleads not guilty to battery
Ex-Lebanon church official charged with theft of $100K
Bishop reveals clergy abuse case
Pastor accused of sex with girl
Riverside Pastor Arrested, Accused Of Rape
Church studies abuse claims against priest
LA judge opens way for church sex-abuse cases to proceed
Pastor served during service
Former priest jailed over 1970s sexual abuse
‘Pastor’ accused of sexual abuse
Priest on trial for sex abuse takes plea deal
Priest Details Relationship With Foley
Man sues Archdiocese of Miami over sexual abuse by two priests
Three of Swaminarayan sect sentenced for sexual harassment
Davenport Diocese files for bankruptcy
Bishops condemn BBC abuse claim
Chicago priest jailed for breaking probation
Local priest accused of child sexual abuse barred from ministry
Priest’s accuser files lawsuit
Pope ‘led cover-up of child abuse by priests’
Two priests accused of stealing US$8M from church
Minister’s apology brings courtroom to tears
Fiji police probe two Methodist ministers over sex abuse claims
Priest To Be Arraigned On Sex Assault Charges
Sisters go public with abuse allegations at St. John’s University
New sex abuse suit filed against diocese
Defrocking of abuser begins
Former youth pastor arraigned on sex counts
Suspended Priest Sues Family For Defamation
N.Y. cantor avoids prison term for sexual assaults on nephew
Former Wetumpka Pastor Pleads Guilty to 13 State Sex Charges; Federal Sentencing to Follow
Diocese must pay $1.5M to abuse victim
Support Group for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse Sues Monsignor, Lawyer
Parishioners get leaflets on accused priest
Fury over Church giving home to child-sex pervert
Priest Arrested For Sex Assault, Imprisoning Woman
Former Church Leader, Coach Accused Of Abusing Boys
Arizona / West
Diocese settles sex abuse suit
Former priest arrested second time on abuse charges
High court hears ex-priest’s appeal
Priest denies fondling teen
Another woman alleges abuse by Rev. James Poole
How a pedophile priest destroyed a boy’s life
Church ministers under sex probe
Pedophile priest jailed
Hindu priest held in rape of teenager during ‘ritual’
Roman Catholic priest investigated on sexual abuse charges
Sex-abuse suit hits Nashville Diocese
Jesuits Cite Abuse by Late Gonzaga Chief
Priest faces abuse charge
Abuse allegations shake St. John’s Abbey
Sad or sinister? Trouble not new for monastery
Two clergy abuse lawsuits head to court
Priest accused of sex abuse seeks removal of tracking bracelet
$16M settlement reached in priest abuse
Ex-parishioners file $1M lawsuit against bishop
Church leader faces accusations
Two Accused Priests Enter Trinity House Retreat
Priest Indicted For Sexual Abuse
Fort Worth pastor indicted on rape under guise of casting out demons
Local former priest indicted
Ex-priest agrees to stay out of parish
Accused Vianney chief removed amid sex case
Local Priest Removed over Abuse Charges
Monsignor admits sex with teens
Diocese settles sex abuse suit
Order of nuns agrees to pay $1.5million in abuse suit
Johnson Enters Plea In Sexual Misconduct
Priest’s case held till March
Priest sex-abuse suits ruled too old
Unsealed warrants accuse priest of sexual assault
Fugitive pastor charged with statutory sodomy
Archbishop assigns Kuchar to Ã�’Æ�€�Ã�€�’Ã�’‚Ã�€�«secure and monitored residenceÃ�’Æ�€�Ã�€�’Ã�’‚Ã�€�­
Lee gets 9 1/3 to 28 years for rape
Accused priest resigns
2 priests suspended over sex allegations
Terry Hornbuckle found guilty
Ex-priest says he’s exonerated
Fired cantor has a troubled history
Priest placed on leave for sexual misconduct
Suit involving claims of sex abuse against priest allowed to go forward
Records ordered sealed in priest abuse case
Oregon Christian leader admitted touching girls, report says
Ã�’Æ�€�ââ�€�¬Å¡Ã�’‚Ã�€�Â�£60,000 compensation for victims who suffered at the hands of nuns
Former Catholic brother pleads guilty to additional sex abuse charges
Former Pastor Dr. Robert Gray In Court Again
Salisbury Pastor Acquitted In Teen Rape Case
Methodists settle pastor sex abuse suit
Former Woodsfield Priest Accused Of Abuse
Odenton minister denies molesting boy
Former altar boys claim priest molested them
RC priest jailed 30 years for sodomy
Moody pastor is charged
Sex abuse victims settle with Archdiocese
Former priest pleads guilty to 35 more charges
Pedophile priest jailed for altar boy abuse
Priest admits child abuse
Victims of paedophile priest to sue church
A controversial priest who was relieved of his duties in Trenton in 2002 for alleged sexual abuse of minors died Tuesday in his native Spain.
Religion Briefs
Church leader jailed for sex offences against boys
‘Guilty’ 47 times
$1.4 million settles suit with ex-priest
Calif. United Methodists settle sex abuse suit for $6.7 million
Church leader arrested, accused of molesting teen
Groundskeeper At Monastery Tells Story Of Betrayal
Another Minister Charged With Sex Assault In 1998
Pastor accused of molesting boys from his parish
Diocese settles school sex assault claim
12th lawsuit alleges priest abused boy 50-plus times
Pastor Accused Of Sexual Assault Appears In Court
3 named in abuse allegations
Vatican Defrocks University Of Scranton Priest
Former youth minister pleads guilty to sex abuse
Paedophile church minister jailed for life
Federal arrest warrant issued for priest in sex abuse case
Bishop said he was troubled by boy’s presence at monastery
Sheriff says quiet monastery hid dark secrets
New sex allegations against Christ of the Hills Monastery
Police raid Central Texas monastery
Sex charges against Crossville minister going to grand jury
Monks Charged With Sexual Assault Of A Child
Silence of the Lam
A day of reckoning
Priest accused of raping teens decades ago
Illinois priest gets 7-year term in ’60s incidents
$600,000 awarded to priest abuse victim
Priest booted after sex-abuse reports
Papers Detail Rape Case
Exclusive: The Man Accusing Dr. Gray of Molestation
Defrocked rabbi’s Jerusalem lecture cancelled after threats
Church Removes Pastor It Determines Abused Child In 1970s
Priest gets five years for abusing altar boys
Chesco pastor removed over 1970s abuse case
Minister is guilty of child rape
Cambridge priest guilty of child rape
Diocese hit with lawsuit
Ex-chaplain to face sex abuse trial
A Catholic Monk Pleads Guilty to Enticing a Minor
Priest pays a price for indecent assault
New abuse suit filed against diocese, former priestis Church
Pastor Charged With Raping, Impregnating Girl In His Church
Ex-Carmel priest accused of abuse
Priest flees after abuse report
Oakland Catholic diocese hit by new abuse suits
A Matter Of Orthodox Abuse
Sonoma priest charged with molesting three children
Priest arrested on sex abuse charges, denied bail
Abuse query widens with two other allegations
600 lawsuits alleging sexual abuse filed against five priests in Los Angeles and San Diego
Former St. Ann’s priest being defrocked
Lawsuit accuses late Little Flower priest of sex abuse
Mass. Priest Goes To Trial On Child Rape Charges
ChurchÃ�’Æ�€�Ã�€�’Ã�’‚Ã�€�­s youth leader accused of sex crimes
Culpeper pastor indicted on child-abuse charges
Former Milton priest sentenced on child pornography charges
Shifflett indicted by grand jury
Local Minister Arrested On Child Molestation Charges
SNAP Leader Loses Suit Against Diocese
A Presbyterian minister from County Tyrone has been told he can resume his duties after being cleared of an accusation of child abuse.
Two say priest ‘routinely’ abused them
4 More Sex Abuse Suits Name Pueblo Diocese
Elderly preacher jailed for child sex abuse
Nevison: I Did Nothing Wrong
Yeshiva In Sex Scandal Pledges More Protection
13 sue archdiocese over abuse
Judge rules lawsuit against priest ‘fails to meet burden’
3 men jailed in beating at youth camp
Women sue diocese over alleged abuse
Indiana man is 10th person to accuse ex-priest of abuse
Former Ohatchee preacher arrested for alleged sex abuse
4 men claiming abuse sue ex-priest, archdiocese
Cleric on abuse charges
Priest removed from church after sex scandal
LA archdiocese gets creative in defending priest abuse case
Chicago priest pleads not guilty to two more abuse charges
3 sue ex-priest, also blame other clergy
Shining light on a cover-up
Twin Cities man sues diocese, alleges past abuse
Former St. Anne’s priest accused of clergy abuse
Judge strikes church sex abuse settlement
Church’s abuse price tag was $467 million in 2005
100 Dublin priests accused of abuse since 1940
Priests far from only abusers
Church founder sentenced to 20 years for raping, abusing girls
Outing Cardinal Egan
Church sex probe grows
Court rejects dad’s lawsuit in clergy abuse case
Witness cries for three hours in clergy abuse case
Some major settlements in Catholic clergy abuse cases
Jury unable to rule on church minister sex charges
Priest, Alleged Victims Come Face-To-Face
Sex charges dropped against church worker in Ontario, Canada
Convicted child molester and defrocked Catholic priest gets out of jail
Ottawa church sues pastor who committed sex crime
$85 million in US church abuse deal
Fugitive sex offender runs counter-cult Web site
Priest’s suit names Newark Archdiocese
Settlement reached in clergy abuse case
Ripon pastor accused of selling church
Preacher ordered to repay $848,532
Internet evangelist faces 3 trials in sex cases
B.C. Natives church back on hook for school abuse Court overturns ruling that Ottawa solely responsible
Alaska abuse suits fuel suspicions on church
Church immunity in abuse overturned
Assault victims suing church, ex-youth pastor
Archdiocese Says It Didn’t Shield Kids From Priests
$25 million lawsuit alleges Fort Lauderdale priest raped boy, 9
Ex-clergyman admits to sexually abusing girls at Kyoto church
Molester Says Church Shifted Him to Other Parishes
Former choir director gets 30 years for boys’ abuse
Gallup Diocese publishes updated list of sexually abusive priests
Aldine pastor convicted of sexual abuse
Pastor Allegedly Videotapes Women, Girls With Hidden Camera
Indictment Says East Side Priest Funneled $800,000 to Himself
Accused priests’ names disclosed
Archdiocese must turn over files on priests
Keeping the kids safe: Two proven methods to guard against sex abuse in the church
Teenage girl attacked by church trio
Record settlement OKd in church abuse
Clergy abuse suit dismissed over time lapse
Calif. Church Reaches $21.2M Settlement
American Catholic church sex abuse settlements top $1B
Documents detail suspicion of priest’s abuse
Former priest reveals lifetime of abuse and offending
Church agrees to pay $3.5 million to settle molestation lawsuits
Judge dismisses two lawsuits filed against Milwaukee archdiocese
US Church unveils sex abuse settlement
Mangalore: Kateel Temple Priest Charged with Assault on Woman
Abuse case at Veneta church draws another lawsuit
Archdiocese suspends priest in beating raps
Priests’ files reveal decades of abuse
Calif. Church files add to priest abuse scandal
Churchman denies sex abuse charge
Former priest settles lawsuits
Diocese of Fall River settles with priest accused of embezzling funds
Lawsuit Accuses Priest, Church in Abuse
Church Members Sue Pastor
PreacherÃ�’Æ�€�Ã�€�’Ã�’‚Ã�€�­s conviction to stand, justices rule
Priest pleads guilty in sex abuse case
A Glimpse at the Mind of a Pedophile
Court: Church leaders can be sued
Woman triumphs in lawsuit against church
Sex allegations against pastor divide church
Priest pleads not guilty to rape charges
Church abuse case settled for $3.3M
Lawsuit Claims Local Church Allowed Pastor’s Inappropriate Relationship with Teen
US Jury Awards $6m For Church Abuse
Almost 90 file claims of clergy abuse against Tucson diocese
Two brothers receive nearly $2 million in church abuse case
Church tells details of accused priests
Brothers say priest molested them both
Kyoto church minister arrested for allegedly molesting 12-year-old girl
Pastor, 25, is accused of sexual assault
Amended suit filed against church leaders
Mother of priest’s twins sues church
Church to pay abuse victims $3.6 million
Church Loses Abuse Case
Trusted Priest Inflicted ‘Horrific’ Sex
Abuse on Boy

Arlington pastor indicted amid sex allegations
Woman, church settle molestation lawsuit
Sex attack preacher loses appeal
Tribunal mails over $3M to victims of
clergy abuse

Ex-church leader gets five years
for sex with boy

Woman settles Nome clergy abuse case
Priest accused again of abuse
Church worker faces sex charges in N.H.
Church knew of pastor’s sex past
Former priest doesn’t attend parole hearing
Church tallies up $800M scandal
Four held in Swaminarayan sect sex scandal
Ex-Priest Is Sentenced to 12 to 15 Years for Sex Abuse in Massachusetts
Ex-Priest Who Molested Dozens of Children Dies
Priest resigns post over ’90s sex case
Priest pleads guilty in Philly abuse case
Miami Church Officials Settle Priest Lawsuits
Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 6 of 6)
Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 5 of 6)
Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 4 of 6)
Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 3 of 6)
Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 2 of 6)
Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 1 of 6)
Church-affiliated abusers blend into new communities
Church pastor resigns after allegedly propositioning mother, daughter
Molestation case: 60-yr-old spiritual guru held
Church Counselor Charged With Statutory Rape, Sodomy
Pastor accused of sexually abusing girl at church
McCormack, Shanley in court
Philippines Catholic church to expel priests for sexual misconduct
Former Jesuit priest and teacher sentenced for sexual assaults
Diocese divulges new cases
Priest will receive up to 7 years for abuse
Priest pleads guilty to molesting teens in 1970s at Boston high school
Lawsuit names former Catholic school superintendent
Pastor charged with sex abuse
Record church abuse settlement unsealed
More priests accused of abuse
Pope John Paul II Defrocks Shot Md. Priest
Two priests charged with stealing from Mesa parish
No statute of limitations on sodomy, Supreme Court rules
Minister jailed for defrauding flock seeking early release
Church counselor charged with child molesting
Franciscan priest subject of lawsuit
Catholic Church Files for Bankruptcy
Church payout to 87 abuse victims
Suspended Middleton priest pleads guilty in rape of altar boy
Police: Pastor Used Fear Of Devil To Have Sex With Women
Church sued over abuse in 1992
Church settles suit
Church officials plan abuse claim payments
Ex-Cape pastor faces allegation of child porn
South Jersey Deacon Accused Of Molesting Boys At Church Sleepover
Deacon charged in sex assaults
Priest Showered Alleged Abuse Victims With Gifts
Davenport diocese settles cases
Church failed to act on sex abuse concerns
Houston reverend accused of molesting church members
Pope names new bishop in wake of Austrian church sex scandal
Queens Pastor Accused Of Church Theft
Tucson diocese bankruptcy proceedings
under way

Church will pay to settle abuse claims
Former priest accused of sexual abuse now church organist
Church suspected priest it defended
Priest stole $1 million from parish,
church officials say

Former clergyman sentenced to 5 years
Preacher Lived in Luxury as
Church Plunged into Debt

Scandal in the second biggest Pentecostal church in Britain
Church faces 104 abuse complaints
Judge declares church abuse case mistrial
Priest accused of child sex abuse
Sex offender priest in court
$3 million settlement fund to be fully spent
Calif. Church May Pay $1.5 Billion
to Settle Claims

2 priests put on leave amid sex abuse claims
Three more priests named in settlement
Arrest warrant issued for Catholic priest in church embezzlement
Archiocese of Detroit orders church trials in sex-abuse cases
Minister’s conviction splits Veneta congregation, church leaders
Focus of Catholic sexual abuse suits now includes nuns
Roman Catholic Church Removes Two Priests Linked To Sex Abuse Scandal
Three sadhus arrested for sodomising boy
Opens bank book at scandal church
Another sexual abuse lawsuit filed against Spokane diocese
Catholic Church officials say they won’t help Interpol find molester
Church probes ‘perverse’ pictures: Priests, students depicted in sex acts
Abuse claims hit Catholic church
“I was slapped, stripped by monks,” says 12-year-old
Priests apply for anticipatory bail
Porn scandal rocks church
Wave of clergy sex-abuse scandals sweeps Oregon
Church goes broke
2 new priest-abuse claims filed
Cardinal offered sanctuary
to admitted molester

Legal rulings favor plaintiffs in church sex-abuse lawsuits
Pedophile priest arrested on arrival
Samoa takes steps to deport fugitive cleric
Child abuse arrests hit Aussie church
Church to face $60m sex payout
Runaway priests hiding in plain sight
Church to pay victims of sex abuse
Another civil suit filed against Diocese
Cleric charged with assault on boy, 16
Archbishop resigns over sex abuse furore
Retired Miami-Dade County priest arrested on sex assault charges
Another civil suit filed against Diocese
Priest returns to post after church clears him in sex-abuse case
Abuse scandal to cost diocese $3.7 million
Church in Alaska settles sex-abuse lawsuits
Children, mother get $750,000 after suing pastor, church
Ex-priest pleads guilty to sex abuse of 2 girls
SJC forces release of accused priest’s files
Church protected priest, suit alleges
Melbourne priest steps down from parish duties
Suit Claims Abuse by Nuns at Mass. School
Sex Offender Becomes ‘Kabbalah Coach’
Former Hialeah alter boy sues Catholic church for alleged abuse
Priests in church scandal barred
Shanley, priest at center of clergy abuse scandal, defrocked
Preacher at ‘celebrity’ church guilty of sex attacks
Judge won’t throw out church abuse lawsuits
Minister knew church worker was sex offender
Convict sues Detroit archdiocese
Church forgives pastor convicted of sex crimes
Area priest accused of abuse
Ex-pastor from Colorado accused of sex assault
Church leaders accused of shielding priest
Preacher On Trial For Alleged Sex Assault On Church Secretary
St. Louis archdiocese settles clergy abuse case for nearly $1.7 million
Priest sentenced on molestation charge
Church settles abuse claims
Ex-altar boy: Porter abused me in church, and hospital hallway
Judge allows evidence of arrests in church lawsuit
Lutheran abuse cases settled, Texas church involved
Catholic Church Settles Sex Abuse Suit
Church said to settle with 4 in Shanley suit
Oakland pastor — a man of many guises
Davenport Diocese faces new sex abuse lawsuit
Sex Charges for Area Priest
Post-Orthodoxy Journey
Key Findings From Clergy Abuse Report
Catholic Priests Abused 10,600 Children-Study
Church Counselor Accused of Videotaping Child Sex
Priest says he told archdiocese about Dupre abuse allegations
Gerry issues statistics on abuse cases
Las Vegas dioceses have paid $2.5 million in abuse cases
New report details Portland DioceseÃ�’Æ�€�ââ�€�¬Å¡Ã�’‚Ã�€�Â¥s handling of claims
Church sex-abuse scandal mushrooms
Local priest abuse toll: 116 victims
Sexual abuse lawsuit filed against
Peoria diocese

Church settles for $3 million
Stockton Catholic diocese apologizes for clergy abuse
Church releases abuse data
Sexual abuse lawsuit filed
against Syracuse priest

Sex-abuse cases cost church $14.3 million
Clergy Abuse Victim Reaches Deal With Archdiocese
Amid abuse reports, Conservatives issue new guidelines on harassment
Four alleged sex abuse victims file suit against Pittsburgh diocese
Hanley Abuse
Priest resigns after being placed on leave by church
NJ Priest Indicted on Sexual Abuse Charges
Report abuse confessions call
Catholic Church to pay Ã�’Æ�€�ââ�€�¬Å¡Ã�’‚Ã�€�Â�£330,000 to former altar boy abused by priest
Report details sex abuse numbers
Critics: Priests accused of abuse simply relocated
Man files suit against church alleging abuse by priest
State clergy abuse lawsuits filed on Wednesday deadline
Yeshiva Countersues Derech Etz Chaim
Curbing Rabbinic Abuse
Priests accused of abuse removed
Priests accused of abuse removed
Yeshiva University Countersues School In Rabbi Dispute
Ex-judge ponders role in $3M church settlement
Sex charges laid against clergy
Diocese of Yakima announces audit results
Archdiocese Plea Agreement Creates Fund For Abuse Victims
Court ruling angers pedophile priest’s victim
“These priests need to be dealt with”
Heat on Doyle to step down
Lawsuit Against The Church
Church receives 150 sex abuse complaints
Church Abuse
Church kept accused priest on job
Judge Approves Proposed Church Settlement Distribution
$21M Payout by Church
New allegations of abuse by military clergy made
Priest and Predator
Man Sues Diocese, Alleges Abuse By Priest
Church to pay abuse victims $US8m
Adelaide archbishop gives details of $2.1m abuse payment
St. Cloud Diocese Settles Lawsuit on Priest Abuse
Phoenix diocese abuse victims
get $2.7M

Molestation Case Is Dismissed By
Rabbinical Court

Catholic abuse claim hits $90m
$85m for church’s sex victims
Tentative $85M Church Abuse Deal Reached
Three sisters sue Los Angeles archdiocese
Pastors Surrender To Face Charges
Bishop Foys apologizes to victims
Priest admits long-ago molestation
Clergy sex abuse: lawyers respond to $83 m offer
Inmate plotted to kill Geoghan, prosecutor says
Rabbi AWOL At Court Date On Molestation Rap
Boston archdiocese settled 149 sex abuse lawsuits prior to current scandal
Ky. Priest Gets 10 Years for Sex Abuse
Attorney General says church abuse scandal likely involved more than 1,000 victims
Boston Priest Allegedly Paid to Rape Boys
Two more SoCal clergy sex abuse cases dropped
Suit says church covered up abuse
Clergy abuse alleged at Indian reservations
Minneapolis man’s legal move aims to evict clergy accused of sexual misconduct
California diocese drops Shanley suit
Chaplains at top of Navy list in officer crimes, files show
Church responds in case of youth pastor charged with sexual assault
Priest convicted of sexual abuse
U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down California Sex Abuse Law
Plaintiffs seek $28 million in sex abuse case against priest
Ariz. Bishop Case Shakes Catholic Church
Louisville Church Abuse Settlement Totals $25.7 Million
Land sales to fund diocese settlement
The Bishop and the Prosecutor
22 Mississippi Priests Accused Of Abuse, Documents Suggest
Lake Wales Minister Arrested in Sexual Assault Case
Sioux allege abuse at church boarding schools
Woman sues Sioux Falls diocese claiming sexual abuse
Altar boy’s suit accuses priest of abuse, seeks $50,000
Ex-priest not guilty in sex trial
Paedophile priest gets eight years jail
Panel To Hear Charges Against Prominent Rabbi
Diocese pays $815,000 to settle 4 more cases
Priests take leave as suit aired
San Diego priest accused of molesting teenager arrested in Wisconsin
Another Lawsuit for the Catholic Church
Md. Priest Charged With Child Sex Abuse
Victims of Abuse Discuss Punishment for Former Henderson Priest
Mass. Court Dismisses Clergy
Abuse Case

Derech Etz Chaim Severed from YU Israel Program
Family files suit against church
34 Sue Diocese for Priest Sex Abuse
Sex abuse allegation leads to removal of Cairo priest
Church to Pay $323,000 and Apologize in Irish Sex Abuse Case
Nun sought to warn church followers
Rabbis Gone Bad
Battle for the Truth
Sex Abuse by Clerics – A Crisis of Many Faiths
Former priest returned; arraignment seen Monday
Bishop of Tucson Diocese resigns
Report Details Sex Abuse by Priests and Inaction by a Diocese
Lawsuit blames San Jose church in priest abuse
Choirboy Sues Church for $2m Over Sexual Abuse
Sentence Reduced for Altar Boys’ Molester
Clergy Sex Abuse Cases: Church spent $2.3 million
Sex Abuse Suit Filed In Missouri
Pastor Charged with Sexual Abuse
Seventy abuse cases filed vs. church
70 More Bring Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Boston Archdiocese
Judge Denies Plea Agreement By Teacher In Church Abuse Charges
Church makes big payout in abuse case
Church elder charged with sex abuse
Former Pastor Sex Abuse Case Moves Forward
Pastor, church named in civil suit
Former priest’s guilty pleas to sex charges shocks church
Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against Ky. Church
West Palm Beach minister, church pay $600,000 to man who accused him of rape
$2.6 Million Paid In Joliet Clergy Abuse Cases
15 men reach settlement on abuse claims
Many nuns sexually abused: study
Nuns as sexual victims get little notice
Miss. bishop, sued with Law, resigns
Abuse suits use new law for old cases
Jesuit priest accused of sexual abuse
Three area priests accused of
sex abuse

Residents react to Law’s resignation
Another lawsuit filed against church
Church Sexual Abuse
Legal expenses drained millions from church
Abuse list has 5 N.M. priests
Scandal is Stirring Lay Catholics to Push Church for More Power
Aged nun escapes abuse prosecution
San Diego Roman Catholic diocese pays more than $500,000 settlement to former altar boy
Three Lawsuits Filed Against Nebraska Church for Alleged Sexual Abuse by Former Officials
Vatican response means bishops’ policy on abuse remains voluntary
Church settles with 16 alleged molestation victims
17 more allege abuse by Geoghan, file suit
Newspaper review of church abuse suits shows patterns
German bishops offer new rules on sex abuse
New Catholic rules on priest sex abuse violate clergy
rights, lawyer says

Temple member faces sex charges
Vancouver schools pay $19 million to end Mount Cashel dispute
The novice nun, the holy retreat and the barefoot apostle of love
Penn. Pastor Sentenced to Prison
Catholic Church in Australia embroiled in child sex scandal
Priest removed amid charges reassigned others
DeKalb minister remains defiant after 70-year sentence in molestation case
The story of Rev. Ronald H. Paquin: Allowed to be a priest for years despite repeated complaints and settlements regarding his sexual abuse of minor children
Church crisis emboldens accusers
Nearly 100 Kentucky Men Add to Accusations Against Priests
Legal Challenges Piling Up on Church
16 Priests Commit Suicide Since 1986
Vatican Accepts Resignation of Milwaukee’s Archbishop
Accusation Leads to Suspension of High-Level Priest in New York
Seattle Priest Resigns Over Abuse
Priest Charged From Old File on Sex Abuse
Bishop Steps Down After Abuse Accusation
New Allegations of Church Sex Abuse
Arrest warrant names priest
DeKalb pastor found guilty of molesting teen
Lawsuit filed against the Vatican
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Archdiocese to Speed Reports of Abuse Charges
Cardinal in Los Angeles Says He Let Abuser Remain a Priest
Catholic Church in Canada faces scrutiny over abuse
Buddha Boys
Hong Kong priest held over sex claims
Brazil Priest Arrested, Accused of Pedophilia
“Rabbi’s Arrest on Sex Abuse Charges
Divides Oklahoma City”

Hong Kong police investigate sex abuse by priests
Priest Arrested on Rape Charges
Priest at Center of Scandal Arrested
California Priest is Accused of 8-Year Sexual Relationship
26 More Added to Archdiocese Lawsuit
Suit: Convicted priest reassigned
Four Sue Cardinal Mahony, Using Racketeering Laws
Four men sue Los Angeles archbishop
Priests Who Molest Often Hook Parents First
177 Priests Removed in 28 States
AP Surveys Church Abuse by State
Two N.H. priests removed from their churches over sex abuse allegations
Priestly Sin, Cover-Up
In diary, priest accused of abuse admits having VD
Solution to Church Abuse Unclear
Cardinals Draft Sex-Abuse Policy
Pope Calls Sex Abuse by Priests a Crime
In Dealing With Abusive Priests, Bishops Stood Along Wide Spectrum
Florida bishop breaks with church tradition
Bishop Names Five Accused of Misconduct
For 2 Decades, in 3 Countries, Priest Left a Trail of Sex Abuse
Catholic Law Called Into Question
Bishop’s Unholy Act
Sex Abuse by Clergy a Global Problem
Cantor Must Stand Trial on Kid-Sex Rap
Jewish Court Stymies Reports
German Bishop Quits Amid Sex Abuse Allegations
Prosecuting the Church
Wis. Archbishop Kept Silent on Predator Priest
New Priest-Affair Shock
Brooklyn Diocese in Deal with DAS
Boston Diocese Protected Priest Long Linked to Abuse
Irish Catholics to Open Inquiry Into Abuse Cases
Cardinal Gives Boot to N.Y. ‘Suspect’ Six
Church Files Show Missteps as Priest’s Abuses Continued
Suit Accuses Vatican of Sex Cover – Up
Egan Turns Over Perv-Priest Files
2 Catholic Dioceses Settle Abuse Suit
US Catholic leaders debate cure for sexual abuse scandal
Confessions of a Fallen Priest
Priest Stands Trial on Sex Charges
For the Faithful, Trying to Reconcile Morality and Scandal
Fortune victims to demand inquiry
St. Louis Discloses Abuse Settlements
Man Charges Abuse and a Catholic Cover-up
Sports hero speaks out about childhood abuse by priest
Catholic clergy that once faced sexual misconduct charges in NY found work as priests easily in Florida
Organized crime lawsuit filed against Catholic bishop and three diocese
Clergy Reporting Rules Considered
Pope Says ‘Shadow of Suspicion’ Has Been Cast Across All Priests
Predatory priest “has done evil”
Innocent Clerics Shamed by Collar
Church Hired Private Eye in Sex Case
Bishop covered up for a priest who was the “perfect pedophile”
Miami Archdiocese Settled Abuse Cases
Scandal Shaking Catholicism to Core
Secrecy Over Abusive Priests Comes Back to Haunt Church    
Clergy Abuse Settlement Is Reported Near
Sins of the Father
2 Paths, No Easy Solution on Abusive Priests
Asked to help prevent new victims, he now feels bitter
Priest says church sought to cover up suit against him
Secret settlements protected Roman Catholic priests and leaders
The convicted and the accused
Church allowed abuse by priest for years
Former cantor sentenced for sexually assaulting boy
Therapeutic hideaway for wayward priests
Crackdown on abuse by priests
Stolen Innocence
A Paradoxical Legacy: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s Shadow Side
Petaluma rabbi pleads no contest to charges of sexual misconduct
S.F. accusations raise awareness 


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