Hàng ngàn tội ác của các linh mục và nữ tu trên khắp thế giới

31 Th7

Vatican & Government: Partners in Crime from Protect Your Children on Vimeo.

Vatican & Government: Partners in Crime

The world is recently discovering the thousands of crimes committed by priests and nuns around the world.

In 2009, the Irish government recently published the ‘Ryan Report’ – a 3,000 page document admitting the horrendous abuse inflected upon the thousands children that lived in catholic-run industrial schools.

The TeleGracia News team was prompted to travel to Ireland to do conduct a first-hand investigation on the validity of this report by interviewing the survivors themselves and discovered that this shocking govt released report only includes a mere 10% of what really took place in these concentration camps…

The Ryan Report is a calculated tactic implemented by Govt and Vatican to silence the scandal.

Be a witness to the shocking words of Jon Kelly – a sruviror repesening the thousands of lives affected by the horrendous crimes commtited by the Government and the Vatican.

For more information on Vatican Crimes, visit: or



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