Nữ tu Công giáo ăn cắp trẻ sơ sinh và buôn bán

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Catholic Church Scandal: Nuns stealing babies and selling off in corrupt “adoption” business from Protect Your Children on Vimeo.

The National Archives in Ireland prove it all.
TeleGracia Investigative news team travels to Ireland to meet with former Current Affairs Correspondent Mike Millotte to learn about corrupt baby exporting business carried out by the nuns, archbishop McQuaid and the Irish government. The evidence that he found about this disturbing scandal is documented in the “Banished Babies” book where Millotte details how the babies were stolen from mother-children homes and sold off to American families.

Often, Americans would come to Ireland pretending to be pregnant and would visit the catholic run “orphanages” and mother-baby homes and leave with a baby – and visiting the State who conveniently created fake passports for these children.

The forged signatures signed by the nuns tell it all. The mothers of these innocent babies were forced to believe that they were “penitents” for having children out of wedlock and were often the “shame” of society in the largely Catholic country of Ireland. They were made to feel like sinners for having a child without being married although that is not a crime. The immense pressure and manipulation orchestrated by the nuns unto these women forced them into giving their baby up for adoption, convincing them that this was the only way to “repent” and that it was in the best interest of the child.

Innocently, thousands of women were forced to sign these papers while others were told that the baby had died within days of birth, and many were told they were born still born.

Learn about the shocking baby exporting business administered by the nuns including Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Charity, and other religious orders.

Thousands of adoptees now living in America are looking for their Irish parents while thousands of Irish parents are desperately looking for their children, while the Catholic Church remains uncooperative.

If you have been a victim of this corrupt baby business administered by the Vatican, its leaders, nuns and the Irish State, please contact: or

The TeleGracia News Team continues to investigate these atrocious crimes and its president Jose Luis De Jesus is here to unmask them all.




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