Sex in a cold climate

31 Th7

Sex in a cold climate from vaticancrimes on Vimeo.

This documentary interviews four women and takes a look at their lives in “Magdalene Asylums”. These intitutions were run by nuns of the Catholic church, and involved penance and heavy labor: cleaning and laundering without pay, and forced internment. These women were anything from sexually active, to out-of-wedlock mothers, to simply suspected of being immodest or ‘vain’.

They suffered terribly, and this is yet another witness to the extensive list of crimes and inhumane activities of the Catholic Church — far too long to list here. It is just heartbreaking. Unbelievably, the last asylum closed in 1996!

Don’t be fooled. Even in the 21st century, out of wedlock mothers are often still told they are “sinful”, “evil”, “going to hell”, “need to repent”, or “unfit to be mothers” by their religious institutions. And even still to this day, many are pressured to give their children up for adoption, “repent”, etc. Thankfully we aren’t still all shipped off unwilling to asylums, but if it weren’t for secular society improving living standards and human rights, believe me, the churches would have it so!

For those that are interested, a movie was made based on the stories of women in these asylums. Since they’ve never been recognized, acknowledged, or given restitution, a film was made after this documentary to showcase this dark part of the CC’s legacy.

(The Magdalene Sisters)



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