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Cập nhật ngày 22/03/2012:
22 Mar – Brothers suing Delbarton School, claiming they were abused by monks:|mostcom
20 Mar – India arrests priest on US molestation charge:
18 Mar – Forced castrations reportedly found in Roman Catholic care:
17 Mar – Desperate Catholic Church Targets Victims Of Pedophile Priests:
16 Mar – Pastor at Va church faces sex charges:
10 Mar – Former Lake George Pastor Charged with 15 Sex Abuse Crimes:
08 Mar – Pastor found guilty of child sex abuse:
06 Mar – Pastor gets 158 years to life for molesting girls:
05 Mar – Church of England apologises for historic child abuse in Northamptonshire:
02 Mar – Ex-priest’s abuse victim ‘wanted to die’ (includes video):
1. 28 Feb Child sexual abuse: Paedophiles in holy garbs molest kids, betraying parents’ trust:
2. 25 Feb Ex-priest Daniel Curran admits to child sex abuse charges:
3. 24 Feb Kansas City priest accused of molesting 4 brothers:,0,5357818.story
4. 23 Feb Police: Pastor arrested for four counts of raping a minor:
5. 16 Feb Hundreds of suspected pedophile priests plague California:
6. 09 Feb Former Md. pastor guilty of child sex offense:
7. 08 Feb Vatican investigated 4,000 cases of child sex abuse in the last 10 years, U.S. cardinal reveals:
8. 06 Feb Pastor arrested in Mexico for sexual assault:
9. 04 Feb Nearly 550 people file sexual abuse claims against Milwaukee archdiocese:
10. 01 Feb Former pastor facing child sex charges:

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